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World In Miniature

In a World in Miniature, or WIM, the user is presented with a miniature version of the entire virtual world, in the form of an interactive map which may sit alongside the window into the main virtual world - as occurs with many videogames - or which often appears as a handheld miniature map, usually in 3D in more immersive environments. Alternatively it may appear as an augmented reality projection outside the virtual world.

In either case, it is tied into the larger simulation. If a user selects any point within the WIM, they are instantly transported to that point within the main world.

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World In Miniature


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Resource List: A ... World
What senses are needed to make a world a world? Is it any less a world if we cannot see it, cannot smell it, cannot touch and taste it? At what point do we experience too few sensory inputs to judge a world a world?

World Review: Birdz World
World Review: Birdz World welcome screen
Birdz World is another world created by Switch In software. It is also their youngest world. Of the four virtual environments they make, this is one of the lesser ones. From first glance, it is obvious it has been created fairly rapidly from Switch In world?s libraries.

World Review: Marian's World
World Review: Marian\'s World welcome screen
Marian's world is a little bit of an oddity really. It is a world in which everyone is female, and tither stands about talking, walks and talks, or drives cars and talks. There's nowhere to actually drive cars to, as the entire world is a hilly, swampy island of about one half a square mile, with only three treehouse structures on it, yet everyone has a convertable sports car, and only one set of clothes.

World Review: PeaceCity 3D
World Review: PeaceCity 3D welcome screen
PeaceCity 3D is an ActiveWorlds codebase based social VR platform. A single graphical world with its own installation program ? rare for an ActiveWorlds world, it is 750 metres wide and five kilometres long. A rectangular world with blank space around it, this unusual shape immediately sets it apart from the pack.
Special Client Required

World Review: Sacred Seasons
World Review: Sacred Seasons welcome screen
Sacred Seasons is a gameworld. Designed and constructed using Flash, it attempts to show a cohesive world, using the MMO paradigm, and two dimensional graphics in an isometric-appearing world. Drawing cues from the BattleOn series of MMOs, this world is nothing special, instead being almost a checklist of every clich? and bad design decision in MMO history.
Rating 43.5
Special Client Required

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Enabling Player-Created Online Worlds with Grid Computing and Streaming
The most popular model for modern MMOs is the shard model - small clusters of servers, each running a separate copy of the world, and each world mostly static. To have a truly dynamic world, with content galore, and experience without end, you need a different model. You need a single world, spread across countless servers...

World Review: SCRYmud
World Review: SCRYmud welcome screen
An unusual MUD, this one. Class-based, but utilises a class-less skills system, whereby what the creature has learnt before, determines what they can learn next. Not a RP world, but it has the single largest, and best implemented skill web seen so far in a virtual world.

The Numerati takes us into the deep dark world of data mining, a world familiar to any fan of cyberpunk novels, although all too real. A world where stray pieces of information, perhaps revealed by yourself over the net, are enough for someone to narrow down your home address.

World Review: Graal
World Review: Graal welcome screen
Graal is an oddity. If you have ever played the original Zelda games, then you will be familiar with what Graal is. This top-down 2D world system uses an almost infinite combination of square areas one and two screens wide, which slot together to form a world.
Rating 40.5
Special Client Required

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Organized Roleplaying Events
Organising even a handful of players into a cohesive, functional group for a roleplayed event is a nightmare for any persistent world. However, if you are not running a gameworld, or alternate life world, but desire a one-shot roleplay event with whoever is in world at the time, you can. Here is how to set it up.


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Miniature horse Belle, has a titanium post in her left hind leg to replace the missing hoof and 20 per cent of her leg that had to be amputated after an attack by a mink or racoon eight months ago cut off circulation in her leg.

Three years after losing her left eye in a car accident, San Franciscan Tanya Vlach wants to make her artificial eye more useful: She's planning to put a video camera in her eye socket with the goal of having a bionic eye.


Imagine being able to adjust your home furnace, check whether your arteries are plugging up and pinpoint the location of your child, all with a tap of the same quarter-sized brooch.

That?s becoming doable with next-generation...

What is reportedly the world?s smallest attitude and heading reference system was launched by Xsens Technologies this week at Sensors Expo 2005. The new device is the size of a matchbook, yet contains solid-state inertial sensors and earth-...

Researchers at Purdue University have created a magnetic "ferropaper" that might be used to make low-cost "micromotors" for surgical instruments, tiny tweezers to study cells and miniature speakers.

The material is made b...