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wearable computers

wearable computers are quite literally computers attached to the body, or woven into the clothing in such a way as you wear them as part of yourself. The humble iPod is such an example, worn ubiquitously, below the clothing next to the skin.

You also have parts of computers stitched into clothes, RFID chips below the skin, and a host of intelligent, artificial implants.

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wearable computers


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?Smart skin? holds promise for morphing wings and wearable computers
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 09-08-2004, deemed too important to allow to fade. A piece of some rubbery substance, fairly translucent, yet can hold a current as well as a piece of steel. It is scrunched up into a ball, twisted back upon itself like a squeegee, then stretched to twice its normal length, blasted in a furnace, and doused with fuel. All throughout this, and after, it continues to conduct as well as it did before - and returns to its normal shape after you've finished, without even a blemish.

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At CHI 2009 (computer Human Interaction conference,) many new modalities of interface were demonstrated. One of the more practical was the product of a team from ETH Zurich's Wearable Computing lab. Vaguely resembling the bastard child of a set of safety glasses and a HMD, the EOG goggles are an eye movement tracking system, that requires no external hardware to operate.

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Telehealth: Wearable Electrocardiograph Using Body Area Network
Telehealth care and ubiquitous monitoring go hand in hand. Sometimes that leads to the creation of novel technologies. More often, it involves repurposing technologies from several other fields and combining them as one. In the case of the wearable electrocardiograph developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), it's a little of both.

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GPS Tracker To Keep Pupils Safe
After the events at Virginia Tech University in the US, in April, a major push at using wearable technologies and sensor webs to improve student safety has been underway.

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Wearable Display Jackets
The concept of clothing that integrates lighting displays is one that has only recently been realised, yet it hasd been in cyberpunk a long, long time. The original 'electropigment' dating back to Snow Crash itself.

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Three-Dot Issues
A look at two types of non-PCworlds; a nostalgic look back at the Apple computers, and a look forward at the possibilities of utilising consoles for online worlds.

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A 'hands-on' approach to computers
A physorg article, looking at one man's quest to bring augmented reality interfaces for computation into existence - blending the computer interface with the physical world.

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Wearable Diagnosis
Diagnosis of any illnesses, sudden injuries, or deterioration of conditions is something traditionally done in a doctor's clinic or in a hospital. Yet, with the proliferation of technologies to imbed computer components in our clothes and bodies, it is perfectly feasible to slip into your daily health check when you don something from your wardrobe at the start of the day.

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Wearable Brain Diagnosis: Thanks NASA
NASA has been working on the problems of depression and moodswings by astronauts. The lack of gravity in orbit causes blood to pool in the brain, affecting cognition. What we have lacked is a means to monitor this situation and assess how thought patterns are affected.


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Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have created transparent semiconductors with an indium gallium zinc oxide mixture that can be deposited on plastic, is transparent, easy to make, and somewhee between ten and a thousand tim...

For decades, engineers have envisioned wearable displays for pilots, surgeons, and mechanics. But so far, a compact wearable display that's easy to interact with has proved elusive.

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Ph...

Wearable computers or devices have been hailed as the next generation of mobile electronic gadgets, from smart watches to smart glasses to smart pacemakers. For electronics to be worn by a user, they must be light, flexible, and equipped wi...

In a bid to limit the days of dialysis in number, two researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System have developed a design for an automated, wearable artificial kidney, or AWAK.


Office workers who make time to chat face to face with colleagues may be far more productive than those who rely on e-mail, the phone, or Facebook, suggests a study carried out by researchers at MIT and New York University.