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Graphical MMOs may have great eye candy, but they all owe existence to a much less flashy form of VR. Textual worlds ? MUSH, MUD and MOO are just as immersive, often more immersive than their massive graphical counterparts. Not limited to the bounds of graphics technology, a MUD has only one limit: the boundary of human imagination itself. Why not pop in and enjoy one of these marvellous interactive novels? Create a character, and become part of an evolving, never-ending story.


Mordor (1)

World Review: Hrielith
World Review: Hrielith welcome screen
A text-based world, attempting great innovation. Role-Play enforced, it has a welcoming atmostphere, but lacks a diverse playerbase. Rapidly expanding.

Custom (1)

World Review: SCRYmud
World Review: SCRYmud welcome screen
An unusual MUD, this one. Class-based, but utilises a class-less skills system, whereby what the creature has learnt before, determines what they can learn next. Not a RP world, but it has the single largest, and best implemented skill web seen so far in a virtual world.

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DIKUmud (0)

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Text-world Clients (1)

Locally Hosted resource
Connecting to Telnet Worlds: Using Microsoft Telnet
Telnet -text based virtual worlds, or MUDs, MOOs and MUSHes as they are collectively known, require a TCP capable text client to interface with. Many different clients at a range of different prices with different addon features are available. However, each takes time to aquire, even if that is just the time to search in google and download.