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There is no point in having the most technologically advanced, persistent virtual environment, with full sensory immersion?if you have no content to fill it with.

War. So much a part of any culture. How do you make combat believable in the virtual? Not just through statistics and animations, but through armour, weaponry, tactic and guile. If you create weapons and armour that make no sense, you destroy the feeling of immersion. Thankfully, the physical world has given you lots to draw upon.


Melee (0)

swords, maces, clubs, axes, the tools of hand to hand fighting as found throughout the ages.

Ranged (5)

bows, balistae, atl-atl, everything for attacks from a distance.
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About the Stonebow in the Medieval and Victorian Periods
The stonebow is an oft-overlooked varient of the crossbow. Rather than firing crosbow bolts, or sticks of any kind, the stonebow fires rocks, at deadly speed.

Linked resource
The Armamentarium, as a detailed, and descriptive E-book to all aspects of Roman arms and armour.

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The Atlatl & Dart (throwing stick)
A look at the atlatl, a dart thrower that predates the long bow.

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The sling
Exactly what it says. An examination of the sling.

Locally Hosted resource
Traditional Archery FAQ
The FAQ of a pair of archery newsgroups, this document forms an excellent definition for most general types of bow, across the world, and back through time. Information found within is just as suitable for virtual recreation as it is physical.

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This mammoth publication consists of several hundred illustrations, showing medieval clothing, armour, hand weapons, mounted weaponry, siege & balistic weaponry in fine detail - ideal for sensible reconstruction, or simply for ideas.