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So what do people actually do in the world? How do they spend their time? Just going off half cocked adventuring all the time? Or do you have a full-fledged economy they can sink their teeth into? Become a tradesperson within the virtual? Perhaps something they longed for, but were unable to achieve in the physical?


Gender and Profession (2)

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Anachronisms, Part I: Gender Games
Throughout history, women have been oppressed, or devalued. Always, it's been men who rule the roost, and women toiling under their leash. Historical recreation is all very well, but be careful just how faithfully you recreate, or you may find yourself without a playerbase.

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Women in Medieval Guilds
This resource looks at the roles women had in the organisational structure of medieval guilds. Certainly not exhaustive, but very comprehensive coverage of the areas it examines.

Overlooked Professions (2)

In all the clamour to offer what they consider the expected, glamourous careers, many virtual worlds overlook those professions which, whilst not so glamerous on the surface, could portray hidden depths of involvement, if created just right.

Here, in the 'Overlooked Professions', we detail many possible, and exciting career options that add breadth, depth, and life to any given world.

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Dweezel's Guide for the Beginning Thief
?The successful thief is usually the descendant of past generations of dishonest, but less successful ancestors. You may not be a successful thief, but if you are quiet, observant, and clever, perhaps some day a niece or grandson might distinguish him or herself.?

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Historical Perspectives on Falconry
Falconry, in some form or another, existed for more than two millenia, and, far more than a sport, was a way of life for it's practicioners. Read this article, to change your views on this not-so-humble occupation.

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Basic Skills (5)

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Advancement Revisited
A detailed look at advancement systems for gameworlds, can be found in this article, going beyond the relative skill level comparison route, to discussing why hiding skill level gains will not work, the problems with comparative scoring for skill levels, and proposing a solution which offers greater incentive to learn, on the part of the player ? at the cost of more thought required by the developer.

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Classless Systems
A take on allowing progression and job divergence in a roleplaying world, without locking people in to a ?class? structure.

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Comparative Skills
An old article from the Imaginary Realities e-magazine, arguing about the use of comparative skill measuring when two parties face off against one another in competition in any gameworld. Comparative skills are more or less universally used over absolute skill levels these days. This article, with full mathematical analysis, shows why.

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Limited Advancement
An older article, giving a set of concrete reasons why there perhaps should be finite limits on how far a gameworld player can advance.

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Some Uses of Fire
Fire is so much more than a tool of destruction, this natty article looks at the positive role the use of fire can have in so many skills, and even be used to farm the land. Consisting both of skill listings, and write up, this is an invaluable resource for use of fire.

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Common Professions (1)

There are certain professions (often known as `classes`) which are very popular with the playerbase. These professions are 'mainstream' in as much as they are expected to be there.

However, expected does not mean right. How much do you really know about these common classes?

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The bard has long been considered a major 'class' for Role-Played environments - the songster, the joker, and usually, the class overlooked in actual function and responsibility.

This short resource, reproduced with the permission of OBOD, looks at the true function of the bard, throughout history, and into the future.

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Clans, Guilds and Names (10)

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A Realistic Equipment System
One person?s take on creating an inventory system that emulates reality.

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Advancing Advancement
A grand scheme for improving character advancement in guilds and proferssions, by removing the fixed, hard-coded scales, and putting advancement into the hands of other participants in the sim world.

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Alchemy Alternatives
A bold article on how to make alchemy interesting, for usage in multi-user online environments, both gaming and more stoid.

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Dark Ages Politics in Theory and Practice
A guide to the politics of the dark ages, from a VR world recreation standpoint.

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Level vs Non-Level
For gameworlds, this one. A comparison of the relative benefits of level based experience systems, with a level less system based on individual skill.

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Player-Driven Class Alliance System
A definition document for an interesting, and incredibly dynamic approach to classes and guilds, within a roleplay setting.

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Setting Appropriate Surnames for In World Environments
If you desire NPC characters to blend in more fully with the backgrounds you are portraying, it helps to give them full names, and maybe a reason for those names being how they are.

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Starting a Clan
A step by step do it right guide to creating a clan or guild in any virtual environment, be it gaming or non.

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Tasks: a new variety of quest
?as a general guideline, tasks are smaller than quests. You could compare the range of what tasks could be to what you think a boy-scout does as tasks. Helping the old lady across the street, fetching groceries for that friendly old man, etc. etc.?

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The Only Two Guilds on Your Mud
A wry article on setting up a thieves? guild and assassin?s guild ? essentially griefer guilds, within a roleplaying, gaming , or alternate life VR world.