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Having a successful team is one of the most critical parts of creating a viable world - your team must be able to think as one, work as one, or your world will falter and fail. To do this, you need to have strong leadership. If not from yourself, then from your project manager. There needs to be someone with vision in charge of the whole thing. Without this vision, and without the ability to keep the creative juices flowing, and your people happy, your world will fold, and your dream fade into oblivion.


Lone Wolf (2)

More of ten than not, you won't start your world with a full-fledged team, it'l just be you, working solo on the project. This isn't necessarilly bad, as it helps you to focus on the task at hand. However, it can lead to sloppy working practices, which will ultimately ensure your world will falter and fail.

Here, you will find resources, dedicated to helping you formulate, and manage your world, as it's sole god.

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A Lone Wolf in a World of Packs
This article, written for solo game developers, covers several traps, and pitfalls to bear in mind when launching your world.

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Applying for Wizardhood
Five helpful tips for anyone applying for a staff position on any not-for profit, or casual virtual world. Just like any interview situation, they help cover the basics, and increase your chances of working for them.

Building your Pack (4)

Even if you start out alone, if your creation is a world of quality, then you won't be alone forever. Sooner than you might think, the workload will become too much for one person to handle. When this happens, you'll want to look at building a team.

With larger wolrlds (GMUDs, MMOs), you'll usually skip the Lone Wolf stage altogether. In your case, you'll just be starting out at this point, and so, we have resources to suit you too.

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Adjusting to Altitude
A handy little article on how to adjust attitudes when a new staffmember joins the team, and a wishlist of good points to look for in potential world administration recruits.

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Lone Wolf Killers Part I: The Design Phase
A collection of essential tips and tricks for getting you off to a good start, and ensuring that everyone is working as part of a team.

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Lone Wolf Killers Part II: The Development Phase
A collection of essential tips and tricks for producing a viable world. Written mostly for games, it's not hard to read between the lines and find it applicable here, as well.

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The Power of Enthusiasm
Go where the enthusiasm is. Enthusiasm can be reflected & sustained by communities where it might die out in individuals. A short guide to really getting 2x to 3x the development you might expect from a team, and how to keep it there.

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Communication (6)

Communication, especially amoung highly distributed teams, is practically the most important element of any development. Second only to the work.
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How Young is Too Young?
How young is too young to be a staff member or a volunteer for a virtual environment? No matter their aptitude, does the physical age of younger volunteers actively get in the way?

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Managing An International Remote Development Team
How do you manage a development team that is spread all around the world? Occupying different timezones, and probably even speaking different languages? Integral Studios has been down that path, with a commericial product, and seek to share their experiences with everyone.

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Mud Administration, Can You Handle It?
This decade-old article has not lost any of its potency. If you seek to run any virtual world, the responsibilities redouble with the level of power you hold. Be sure you are capable of acting fairly, or it all will come crashing down about your ears.

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Mutinies and You
An old, but still very relevant warning list of the way players/participants can effectively revolt against you, and with devastating consequences even when it seems they have no power.

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The Two Cs of Videa Game Design
Though this article deals with video games, the same can be applied to all interactive mediums, just as important as great design skills are creativity and communication skills. Teamwork, and cooperation are just as important as creative flair. Remember that.

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Working in a Group
?The single most important idea when working on a joint project can be summed up in one word: "Responsibility". You need to know who is responsible for what. These can be broad, but the more specific you can get, the better it gets.?