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Introductions to modelling, and clarification of different types of VR modelling work.


Basics (2)

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Messing with Tangent Space
Tangent space is sometimes called texture space. It is the co-ordinate systems for one face of any 3D skinned model. Use of tangent space, which this tutorial covers, is necessary to properly map a texture onto part of a 3D shape.

Modelling Creaturea (1)

Not a platform or modelling software specific book, Modelling Digital Dinosaurs is Ken?s first book, and it takes you through the basics of creating 3D representations of something which has fascinated and captivated for centuries ? dinosaurs. The book does this in a patient, kind, step by step manner, demonstrating techniques which really aid the beginning to intermediate modeller. Contains a free copy of Amapi version 1.5 on the CD in case the reader does not have a 3D modeller.

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Terrain (1)

Complete Website: The Virtual Terrain Project
The VTP was created to assist in the development of the tools and procedures needed to create graphical simulation of more or less anything you could name.