Jurassic Park
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By Steven Spielberg
Produced By Universal Studios
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Jurassic Park may at first seem to be an odd item for a site dedicated to VR to carry or promote. There have been countless dinosaur films apart from this, as well as two sequels to this film that we are also by and large not mentioning. So what makes this one special?

Well, there are two separate dinosaur-related memes that appeal from a VR standpoint. One is ?The Lost World?, and no, not Jurassic Park 2, but instead the lost plateau. The other is this, Jurassic Park 1. Both are interesting for the same reason, as both create a simulacra world, a microcosm, sustained internal consensual reality. In effect they are synthetic worldlets, worlds that exist on a tiny scale and are complete in and on themselves. Not altogether different from virtual environments in that regard.


Jurassic Park is a theme park set on an otherwise uninhabited, remote island. Protected by an outer mountain ring, the central part of the island is ideal to be reshaped as the creators see fit, into an artificial environment, completely different from anything outside. Separated from the outside in fact by what might as well be an impenetrable barrier ? the ocean. There, on the island, the ecology has been reshaped to form a simulacrum of life on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

It has been populated with long extinct species, artificially recreated, to serve as the focal point for tourists, and to observe the beings in their natural habitat.

Of course it all goes horribly wrong as plots in action films are wont to do. Still, in basic idea, the park is very similar to a virtual reality. Although of course if you get eaten in VR, you at least in theory, don?t stay dead after you leave.

Another reason why perhaps it might be better to recreate the park in VR once the technology matures, rather than try and do it the ? other way.