The Surrogates - Book One: The Surrogates
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By Robert Venditti, Brett Weldele
Produced By Top Shelf Productions
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Not to be confused with the awful Bruce Willis film Surrogates, which was (loosely) based on the first book of this material, The Surrogates is a universe of separate in-depth stories, the first of which being produced in 2005, on the possible effects on a society of surrogates ? android and gynoid body-doubles controlled by a variant of SimStim ? direct two-way teleoperated brain control.

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The first book of the series is a 240 page graphic novel, and is the material the Surrogates film was based on, although the filrm takes the material and runs into loonyville with it. This on the other hand is hard core science fiction, slowly becoming science fact. It is filled with deep exposition scenes, carefully thought out quirks, and fodder for the brain, based on current trends.

As is expected from such a production the technology depictation is far from perfect, but it could not make the points it makes if it tried to include all the auxiliary technologies that logically follow alongside surrogates themselves.

Still this is a wild ride, almost as crammed with little bits of data as the Ghost in the Shell manga is, but on a totally different tangent. Very much unlike the film, this graphic novel sets out to make you think, right from the start.

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