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In Growing Up Digital, Don Tapscott revealed how the digital world created a generation that thought, played, and related to their world in a way radically different from that of their parents. In a fascinating follow-up to his seminal work, Grown Up Digital revisits the Net Generation as the eldest of its members turns 30, enters the workforce and marketplace, and establishes their roles as life-long learners and contributors to society. Based on a USD 4 million research project he led, Tapscott investigates how this dynamic generation is redefining today?s workplace, marketplace, schools, family, and governments by looking at how they learn and work, and what power and influence they hold.

Grown Up Digital reveals:

* The 8 Net Generation Norms from Freedom to Speed
* 5 Myths about the N-Generation
* How the N-Gen brain processes information differently
* Implication for Education and 7 Guidelines for Educators
* Upheaval in the Workforce and 7 ways to Attract and Engage Young Talent
* Parenting 2.0: It Takes a Village
* The Net Generation as Citizen: Transforming Democracy


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