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This book is a mixture between an explanation of the visual aspects of augmented reality ? virtual and physical data in the same display screen ? and a programmer?s / hardware guide to creating your own AR applications.

The book uses the ARTag API. Its not included with the book, but downloaded from the web instead. The API is free, but does depend on the server being up at the time. The text provides detailed explanations of how ARTag works, and all other such AR technology along the way.

The text is geared more towards game development applications, and includes several demos ? also downloaded from the web ? which require a simple webcam and PC to use. Ultimately, what you learn is usable with hand held devices such as tablet PCs, PDAs, or camera cell phones, head mounted displays and HUDs.

You can move around and see the virtual object, model, animation, or game from different views as the AR system performs alignment of the physical and virtual cameras automatically.


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