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Assuming you have a grasp on mathematics, particularly the laws of probability, and are ready to begin tackling algorithms for practically any task, this book is for you. It can be considered as the definitive text on algorithms and the mathematical rigor needed to approach them.

The book begins by considering the mathematical foundations of the analysis of algorithms and maintains this mathematical rigor throughout the work. The tools developed in these opening sections are then applied to sorting, data structures, graphs, and a variety of selected algorithms including computational geometry, string algorithms, parallel models of computation, fast Fourier transforms (FFTs), and more.

Use of computer processors is at he forefront, as the tome continually shows how to simplify and optimise any algorithm to use the fewest clock cycles possible, something invaluable to real-time applications.

This book's strength lies in its encyclopedic range, clear exposition, and powerful analysis. Pseudo-code explanation of the algorithms coupled with proof of their accuracy makes this book is a great resource on the basic tools used to analyse the performance of algorithms.


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