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Site Shop > Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life

This book is basically a watered down version of it?s companion book ?Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life Scripting?. It would be better to buy that instead.

Enrich your virtual existence by mastering the techniques and tactics the experts use to create jaw-dropping SL content?everything from buildings and vehicles to clothing, landscapes, and animations. This official, exclusive guide from a team of Second Life content-creation experts was written with the full support of Linden Lab and features in-depth instructions for creating beautiful content and putting it to work in-world.

Start a new fashion trend with custom clothing featuring realistic buttons, pockets, patterns, and even wrinkles. Tour SL in the car of your dreams or in your own private jet. Create cool animations and scripts to communicate with other SL residents, and more. Both a practical, step-by-step guide and a creative session with some of the most artistic and talented minds in the Second Life community, this book will quickly build your skills and inspire you to join Second Life's elite ranks of content creators.

* Basic concepts: Understand movement, inventory, and client/server issues for Second Life.
* Advanced building: Morph prims and design anything with these advanced techniques
* SL scripting programs and third-party editors: Use a variety of tools to write, test, and debug scripts for vehicles, games, motion, and more
* Become a virtual pioneer: Start terraforming with SL land tools
* Dazzle visitors: Make an impact with textures, lighting, landscaping, and more
* Go Hollywood: Storyboard, shoot film, add sound effects, and produce machinima
* Real communication: Manage data, chat, and send e-mail?in-world and out


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