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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VWN can seem very confusing to some people when they first encounter us. Because our remit is so large, and this site so extensive, it can be overwhelming, particularly if you desire something unspecific, or you're not really sure what you are looking at.

VWN attempts to divide its focus into the following areas:

Total immersion VR
The dreamworlds made virtual flesh that offer a possible salvation, or certainly escapism for many. From simple games, to fully fledged alternate lives, we are constantly striving to provide whatever resources we can, to strengthen our position on making alternate ways of living, a reality.

Educational / Training VR
VR has tremendous potential for reshaping education, at all levels, and to train like could never be possible before. From slashing budgets, to improving productivity, to fully engaging pupils in all their learning. This fairly recent section of VR has a large proportion of our attention.

Commercial VR
Using Virtual Reality to make money, capitalistic cores, the changing face of business, and all the available simulations.

Emerging AR
Augmented Reality is changing our world at increasing speed; the technology of AR is often the same as that of VR, and the augmented is propelling the virtual along with it, combining VR and PR in one new, augmented reality.

Understandably, with such a wide focus, and a holistic development attitude, often the lines between these blur, and resources intended for one, prove useful to another, which can be confusing if you have not grasped the multifaceted jewel of the industry - everyone is boring into the same jewel, just from different angles, and often all that seems relevant is based solely on a blinkered view.