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 First Red Light Center Film Festival Set for August ?07

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Date posted: 04/08/2007

Redlightcenter.com, a virtual world based directly on the sex industry, has announced its first ever virtual International Film Festival.

Redlightcenter is inviting independent filmmakers to submit their movies for this three-day event (August 9-11, 2007), which will present original short films on any subject and interest, from documentaries to comedies, drama, and horror.

The three-day event will present original short films not to exceed a maximum of 20 minutes in length per film, in three categories ? Drama, Comedy, and Documentary ? and may include entries on any subject and interest. The event is the first of its kind- never before has an online festival presented films that are shown in real-time to a global audience of avatars who can interact with one another.

?We are inviting filmmakers from around the world to submit their work for viewing by an international audience in the first of what we plan will be an annual event,? explained Brian Shuster, CEO of Utherverse, Inc., the parent company of RedLightCenter.com. ?Since our launch one a year ago, our membership has grown to over 250,000 sophisticated adults. The RLC Film Festival is a great and welcome addition to our schedule of live entertainment events and celebrations. People everywhere can share in the excitement of attending a world-class film festival simply by stepping into the ?virtual world.??

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