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Site Shop > Art Models 3: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts

The Art Models series is three books long and growing. This, the third of the volumes, contains models voted for in a two way process between the authors and the community using the first two books. A wide variety of male and female models in many different poses are present, and appear on the accompanying DVD in 24 different angles per pose.

The photos are full colour, and individual body parts are treated to their own photos from a variety of different angles. No more than four photos per page, with little white space between them, ensures an easy to study musculature and body shape. The photos are all high quality in good lighting, with no attempt at sexual exploitation. They are designed to allow the recreation in 3D of the forms, accurately recreating body part proportions, for any artistic usage.

Some of the models are posed on a revolving platform. This has been fully exploited in the DVD, which for some models, shows a high definition video instead of photos, permitting the figure to be rotated to precisely the degree required.

For the other photos, as in the second book, 24 cameras capture the same poses printed in the book, from 24 different angles, all to the same high quality.

Other Books In the Series:

Models: Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting

A book and DVD set showing no ultra-skinny models, but a variety of what would be considered average body types, posed nude with no censorship whatsoever, and designed, not for arousal, but to aid those attempting to recreate 'normal' bodytypes, in three dimensions, showing how the muscles, tendons and skin reshapes the same form as it moves into different poses.

Art Models 2: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts

The Art Models series is three books long and growing. This, the second of the volumes, is smaller than the first, and available in hardback only. Unlike the first book, it shows models of both genders, in a variety of artistic yet practical poses, in full colour and large photos. Contains DVD material.


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