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Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators is the brainchild of photographer Robbie Cooper. He was inspired to create it after meeting a father who used the VR gameworld of Everquest to stay in touch with his children whilst he was out of the country. He became interested in the correlation between avatars and their users and spent the next few years travelling around the world taking snapshots of the physical forms of individuals in contrast with their preferred virtual visage.

The book is thus almost a montage of comparative photos and screenshots, commenting on the reasons for each?s choice.

It shows a clear divide in society. Some, those most happy with their physical appearance, create an avatar exactly like their physical image. Others, who are less comfortable or loathsome of their physical forms, create their ideal form, or an utterly alien creature for themselves.

It's also fascinating how this choice often relates to their personality, their personal history and to how they got involved with virtual worlds in the first place.

The book?s introduction is by Julian Dibbell, a well-known author from the VR writing field. He authored My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World (1999, described as "quite simply the best book written about the dynamics of online life").

Alter Ego also serves as a guide to the new world of the avatar and is a serious contribution to the debate about the future of society in the digital age.


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