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 Exhibition of three-dimensional virtual reality

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Date posted: 22/02/2006

Utilizing the most developed versions of computer graphics, media artist Ahn Gwang-joon is said to have opened a new chapter in three-dimensional virtual reality, something no one else in Korea has tried before.

His solo exhibition "Mixed Reality," which opens March 1, tells a story of dreams and virtual reality, which can be reconstructed or distorted by existing hardware and software.

"Breathing Transition Monitor - Mona Lisa 2006"
Displaying images on a large white screen, some exhibits require viewers to wear special goggles.

The art work, "Cyber Erotica Park 2006," allows you to move around in a three-dimensional virtual park where naked women jog among trees.

"I intentionally imposed a message in the computer graphic work for the first time. The message is about the issue of peeping into others' lives in cyber space," said the artist.

The exhibition runs through April 9.

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