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This book is very much a holistic first-timer?s guide to creating a hideously complex system ? a full virtual reality. The book describes a VR system as ?a system that provides a synthetic experience for its user(s)?, a definition which could not possibly be any broader. Anything from a videogame to a full immersion synthetic reality falls under that heading.

Developing and maintaining any VR system is a very difficult task, requiring in-depth knowledge in many disciplines. The videogame end ? which requires years of training to master ? is by far the shallowest end. There is more to designing a VR than any one mind can handle, and this book attempts to show where outside help is definitely required, as it leads you by ther hand through each stage of the process.

As with any complex system, so much of the difficulty lies in the complexity of having to simultaneously consider many major goals, some of which directly conflict with others.

This book is organised so that it follows a spiral development process for each stage, describing the problem and possible solutions for each. Much more hands-on than other introductory books, concrete examples and practical solutions to the technical challenges in building a VR system are provided.

Part 1 covers the very basics in building a VR system and explains various technical issues in object modelling and scene organisation.

Part 2 deals with 3D multi-modal interaction, designing for usable and natural interaction and creating realistic object simulation.


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